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Jenny McNamara- Chairperson
Jenny on her way to a sub-3.10 finish at London 2016

Jenny on her way to a sub-3.10 finish at London 2016

Name: Jenny McNamara
Age or Running Category: FV35
How long have you been running?  Since 2003, with a couple of years off due to a back injury (actually if I’m honest I stopped running as I thought I was getting a bit obsessed. Ha ha ha ha haahaahha ha ha ha hahaha! Little did I know!)
Why do you run? To keep fit and to challenge myself. I never dreamed I could go from being a back of the pack runner to someone who has been placed in races! It is certainly addictive.
Describe your favourite run: A successful half marathon or 20 mile training run followed by beer and chips! 
Do you take part in races? If so what distance/terrain? Yes-  I do like road running, and enjoy pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do. I never ever thought I would/could run a  marathon, but completed the Yorkshire marathon – my first- on 12th October 2014, in a time of 3:08:28, followed by London 2016 in 3:09:50.
What is your greatest running achievement? Feeling invincible as I triumphantly sprinted to the finish of the Yorkshire Marathon in 8th place with Stu, my mum, sister and niece cheering me on.
How long have you been a member of Cheddar Running Club? Since October 2012.
Why did you join Cheddar Running Club?  To try and get a bit quicker and to lose the extra stone and a half I had put on over the previous few years. 
How has Cheddar Running Club helped you and your running? The structured training from coach Shane Roach, the friendly competition between members of similar ability and the supportive, sociable atmosphere make me turn up twice a week every week, so my running has definitely improved no end. Since joining I have knocked over 20 minutes from my half marathon time (1.29.23) and 12 minutes from my 10K time (39.36) and have been placed in quite a few races now!
What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the club? Come along! It doesn’t matter how fast you are- you will be looked after and helped to achieve your goals, whether it be a new PB at a particular distance, or just to keep on running and have a chat with other lovely members. 



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