Who’s Who

Member profile page

Here are the profiles of current running club members. Now you can see what makes us tick, put a name to the face of your new running buddies, or remind yourselves of the names you have forgotten and feel it’s too far down the line to ask!

 Fill in your own profile and send it with a nice action shot to racing@cheddarrunningclub.co.uk!  Member profile


Committee Members


Gill Constable– Kit

Suzanne Davis – Secretary/Membership

Andy Humphries– Treasurer

Jenny McNamara– Chairperson

Sarah Landen– PR and Race series

Andy Rich– Web

Lee Woodland – Big Cheese race director

Fellow Runners

Natasha Kennedy

Maxine Bateman

Cathy Bayliss

Claire Brandrick

Isabelle Dormer

Alison Grinstead

Helen Hollyfield

Richard Jackson

Sarah Neild

Jeremy (Jez) Newsome

Shane Roach

Ronnie Roberts

Jim Thompson

Andy Wicks

Hazel Wood



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