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Town Tree Trail Race in Martock
Town Tree Trail Race

Town Tree Trail Race

Getting there was a 50 minute drive on a lovely spring evening. Conditions were perfect, light cloud with a gentle occasional breeze. There were about 180 runners? I entered on the day £10. The venue was ideal with homemade cakes, pastries, a bar and showers. The race director said it was a new venue.
The 10k route started with a lap of the recreation ground and then a short stretch of road before winding around several beautiful orchards. It then crossed an old railway line and enter the delightful, hidden ‘Town Tree Nature Garden’. Through here it really twisted and turned making it interesting and fun. It passed under bridges where fellow runners were crossing above. It passed ornate garden features and under a garden waterfall – truly delightful. The route circled back on itself retracing some of the route and ending up back at the recreation ground.
It was a great course. I saw some familiar faces from Weston and Minehead clubs. One lady runner I overtook at about the 2 mile marker then stayed on my heels for the rest of the race. At times I felt the pressure and I thought I would slow down to let her pass me but when I did, just slightly, she stayed behind me. Then, with about 150 meters to go she kicked and I thought, ‘you’re have having it now’ and I dug deep and found I was sprinting! It felt great. Supporters were cheering on the lady behind me, saying, ‘you can catch her’, it must have looked like a full on race. I felt strong and kicked hard, determined not to lose it at the end, and I didn’t! It felt amazing. The lady congratulated me and helped pick me up off the grass where I’d laid, gasping for breath. It was so worth it. I felt great. And then getting to trophy was the icing on the cake. Definitely one to do again.

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