Andy Gillett

Andy Gillett after successfully completing the Bristol Half in 2014

Name: Andy GILLETT
Age or Running Category: 52
How long have you been running? About 18 months
Why do you run? I need a degree of fitness for work! Plus running equals calories burnt equals eat what I like?!
Describe your favourite run:  Open roads and warm sun so it’s relaxing. Being able to admire the view. Once over not having any pain!!
Do you take part in races? If so what distance/terrain? I’ve done two half marathons with may more to come hopefully. I prefer to stick to the roads that way you don’t get lost!
What is your greatest running achievement?  Completing my first half marathon in Bristol last September. Then taking 15minutes off the PB the next time out at Weston.


How long have you been a member of Cheddar Running Club?  Two months


Why did you join Cheddar Running Club?  I need to train for the first Bristol to Bath Marathon so felt fellow runners advice would be the best way to go.
How has Cheddar Running Club helped you and your running? Although self-motivated it’s a help to have people push you on a little to the next pain level. Shane has certainly helped in that area. In two months I’ve seen a personal fitness improvement and long may it continue.
What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the club? If you are running for fun or intending to race then come along and share in the depth of experience on offer. Someone here will be able to help.



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Jenny McNamara

Road running vegan runner bean! Chair of Cheddar Running Club.

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