Andy Wicks storming to 7th place in The Ox marathon

Andy Wicks storming to 7th place in The Ox marathon 

Name: Andy Wicks
Age or Running Category: 31
How long have you been running? On and off for 8 years
Why do you run? I’ve always been very active and am actually qualified as a Personal Trainer so exercise has always been a part of my life. I used to play rugby but shoulder injuries meant I had to stop, running allows me to release some energy and stress which rugby used to.
Describe your favourite run: My favourite run is off road, either with a head torch and other members of Cheddar Running Club or on a nice sunny day over the hills of The Mendips.
Do you take part in races? If so what distance/terrain? I am not good with dealing with the stress of races, but am happy to take part in any off road race between 10k and marathon distance.
What is your greatest running achievement? Coming 7th in The Ox Marathon 2015 in a time of 3:49:31. My aim was a sub 4 hour off road marathon, this was actually 27.1 miles, so I was very happy.
How long have you been a member of Cheddar Running Club? Nearly 1 year 
Why did you join Cheddar Running Club?  I moved to the area, wanted to get involved with a friendly club, improve my running and meet people as crazy as me.
How has Cheddar Running Club helped you and your running? It’s given me structure to my running and definitely helping me with my speed. It’s opened a lot of doors which I normally wouldn’t have tried.
What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the club? Come along and try it, don’t be afraid you’ll be too slow or too shy, everyone will make you feel welcome and encourage you to be your potential.


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