While tucking into chips after a lovely social running evening with the club, Andrew mentioned that he had entered the Bath Two Tunnels 10k race. This inspired me to enter and help push my fellow team mate along just a little bit more!

Come the day of the race, I thought it would be a bit of a logistical nightmare, for example there are several races happening throughout the day with multiple waves per race type, wave numbers and colours, so I was not looking forward to that element. However, my trepidation was completely unwarranted and I must hand it to the race organisers because this was a well-oiled machine right from the park & ride through to the race finish! They did a great job!

Now it’s our race wave time! We are called the starting area, briefed and all have a group warm-up and then filter into the starting funnel. Andrew says “Just go for it!”, we are counted down to the start and then boom: ‘Blast off!” I got away well and exited the starting area and then headed out for the tunnels. It soon became clear that even though the race waves were fairly staggered there were LOADS of people running at the same time and it was a little tight in places, particularly in the tunnels. However, this did also make it rather fun as I had the music of ‘Sergió Mendes – Mas Que Nada’ pop into my head as I weaved out and around the other runners, so in spite of my Latin distraction, I stuck to my game plan and had fun whilst doing it!

As it was a very bright and a very hot day the tunnels were really refreshing; cool air, easy to breath and so I felt like this was a free reset x4 – I did chuckle to myself when running out of the last tunnel on the return journey as I thought “Don’t run towards the light!” – it does have a slightly disorientating effect when exiting the tunnels.. The last couple of k’s were good with slight climbs, finishing with a traditional bolt towards the finish line! Provisionally, I came in 18th position out of 541 runners with a time of 41:27. I am very pleased with that – I’ll be back next year… oh yes!

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