A trip to Ireland for my niece’s confirmation lead to a quick search online for races in the area and I found this little beauty.

Set in the Burren, an area of natural outstanding beauty due to it’s karst landscape of bedrock incorporating a vast cracked pavement of glacial-era limestone (thanks Wiki, I’d have said it’s really rocky!).

600 runners in total running either the marathon, half or 10k.  It was very well organised and had a leisurely atmosphere.  I was the only person who did a warm up!  Given it was a mixture of road and off-road I only spied three other runners with off-road shoes.

The race lead down country roads before an off road climb on rocky terrain.  We wound our way up to the top of the hill before a nice descent which lead to the second climb up a rocky road and corkscrew hill.  The landscape was looking pretty lunar at this stage and the runners with their brightly coloured tops were a stark contrast to the grey rockbed.

We popped out the top of the hill to stunning sea views out to the Atlantic.  Not much time to admire the view as we were lead on a long descent down a very rocky path.  I’m not the best at running downhill, in fact I’m rubbish and this day I was particularly rubbish.  If anyone fell it would have hurt a lot the only cushioning was, you guessed it, rocks!

We popped out onto a road at the bottom which took us on a three mile jaunt on a slight downhill to the finish line.

A lovely medal, bit of chit chat and it was back into the car and heading to Father Ted’s House for a photo.  Luckily there were some other tourists there who did the honours.

Overall a lovely race, very well organised and stunning views.  I’ll definitely be back again. 


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