Five foolhardy Cheddar Runners – Andy, Jo, Emma, Maxine and Jenny – took on the Weston prom race on Jan 15th and soon wished they’d stayed at home instead. The flat, 5 mile route along the Weston Promenade is brutal under normal conditions, but the addition of driving rain and 40MPH winds took the suffering to a new level.

Unable to keep any sort of consistent pace due to headwinds regularly stopping the hardy bunch in their tracks, there wasn’t a PB in sight, though Emma was not far away from her previous time (well done!) despite the challenging conditions including gale force headwinds in the last 100 meters of the race stifling any attempts at a sprint finish.

Andy was home first for CRC in 31:00 (“that was the worst race I’ve ever done”), followed by Jenny (34:18- “can you do gardening competitively? I’ve gone right off running”), Emma (37.45), Jo (40:45) and the ever cheerful Maxine (46.45- “come on, we do this cos we enjoy it, right?!”)

The CRC crew were rewarded for their efforts with horizontal icy cold rain on the trudge back to the car, but a satisfied glow soon followed after a well-earned pint by a roaring fire.

Same again next month, anyone?


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Jenny McNamara

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