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Hazel Wood 


Hazel Wood

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How long have you been running?

About 23 years

Why do you run?

Not just to keep fit but because I love meeting up with my running friends, who are all lovely, and having a chat as we run.  However, we do work hard on Tuesday track evenings, even though we still talk a bit!

Describe your favourite run:

Sunday runs over the Mendips with friends.  The views are fantastic and even on a cold, windy day it’s wonderful. 

Do you take part in races? If so what distance/terrain?

One race a year now, the 10k Christmas Cracker in Weston.

What is your greatest running achievement?

Completing the London Marathon in 1994. I watched the first one in 1981 and decided I wanted to do it, having never done any running.  I didn’t start running until about 1991.


How long have you been a member of Cheddar Running Club?

Since about 1992 or 93.

Why did you join Cheddar Running Club?

To help with training for the London Marathon, which it certainly did.

How has Cheddar Running Club helped you and your running?

The Club is, and always has been, so friendly and welcoming.  We have structured sessions to suit all abilities and sessions when we run in our ability groups.  The commitment to attend sessions and to meet up with other runners is very motivating.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the club?

Just come along, you will always be made welcome.  



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