I had been hopeful of a good time at the Bristol 10k, but strained my quad doing my warm up strides the day before 😭 I spent the day icing it and worrying my running career was over, but as it only hurt when sprinting, I thought I’d see how the warm up went on the day before deciding if I’d race. Not ideal prep…

I did go ahead and run in the end after a careful warm up. I had a fast club runner place, so was lucky enough to cross the line about 5 seconds after the start gun went off! Unlike previous years, there was no jostling for space and I could settle into my pace straight away.

I checked off each of the first 2K in 3:57 as hoped (using the KM markers rather than the gps as the buildings and gorge affect the accuracy) but it soon became clear I wasn’t going to be able to maintain that. The sun was beating down relentlessly and sapped my strength, and my legs felt increasingly heavy. I got through half way in just under 20 mins, and hoped to not lose too much time in the second half. It was good to be running past the semi elite runners on the opposite side of the portway. I had a few shout-outs from the lovely vegan runners (my second claim club), though I somehow managed to miss the 3 who were dressed in huge inflatable animal costumes (I was obviously very focussed on the task in hand!). Bet they were regretting that decision 😱

At 8k the 40 minute pacer went blazing past (judging by his splits on Strava, he needs more practice 😂). I tried to summon up a bit of effort to keep up, but couldn’t, so plugged on as best I could, finally crossing the line in 40:44. This placed me 5th in my category (35-39) and 30th lady. I’m quite happy with that considering…and there are plenty more races in the calendar 😊

I was lucky enough to be supported by the lovely Joanna Rich for this run…she picked me up,  drove me there, cheered me on and carried my bag! What a star! We enjoyed a lovely meal with the vegan runners at the plant based Resbite cafe on Broad Street. The chocolate cake was fabulous! On the way there we saw fellow Cheddar runner Adrian Wood coming in to the finish…he crossed the line in 1:06:15 and was pleased with that as it was his first run post virus, and he’d had calf niggles on the way round.

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