Name: Jez Newsome
Age or Running Category: V45-49
How long have you been running? Since 2014
Why do you run? Originally ran for weight loss now for weight management to counteract all the curry and beer. Getting out in the beautiful Somerset countryside especially in the sun makes me feel great even when I am exhausted! 
Describe your favourite run: I like the diversity in distance and terrain but probably an off road 6-12 mile run. Especially one where you struggle to get going but after a mile or so you find a happy rhythm and surprise yourself with distance or speed. 
Do you take part in races? If so what distance/terrain? 5km, 10km, half and full marathon distance both on and off road.
What is your greatest running achievement? Initially managing to run all the way round Cheddar reservoir in early 2014. Completing the 2015 London Marathon in 3:37:48 was an amazing experience which fulfilled a lifelong goal. 
How long have you been a member of Cheddar Running Club? Since May 2016



Why did you join Cheddar Running Club?  After training for two years on my own I felt I needed to try something different but wasn’t sure joining a running club would help, whether I’d be good enough, if I’d be able to make every week or if I’d fit in but I gave it a go anyway. 
How has Cheddar Running Club helped you and your running? The club has me out training more regularly with 7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays now part of my weekly calendar. We do a variety of structured training including hill reps and fartlek sessions which I’d never done on my own. Training with like-minded individuals and experienced coaching makes it easier to push myself more than I would alone. I’ve learnt of and participated in many great local events through the club. My last half marathon was a new PB for me and I hope with the clubs support there’s more to PB’s and great times to come! 
What would you say to anyone thinking of joining the club? Pop along and try it! What have you got to lose? I did and am very pleased I did as it is a very friendly supportive group. Every session really caters for all abilities and you’ll be welcome whether you can make it along twice a week or twice a month. Oh and it’s nice to run events in the club kit and wave to fellow members around the course!
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Jenny McNamara

Road running vegan runner bean! Chair of Cheddar Running Club.

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