6am that’s pretty early but that is the time the alarm went off. The sun was up and shining, there’s hardly any wind. In short it was shaping up to be PB conditions for the tewkesbury half marathon.

It was too be an exciting day as it was Niki’s first ever half and a big milestone on the way to her marathon in October. There were five of us in total (Niki, Lee, Chris, Joanna and myself), a good turn out.

This is the third time I’ve ran tewkesbury so I knew that I wasn’t totally flat, in fact there’s quite a long cheeky hill. It didn’t stop me getting beaten over the head by it yet again. Mile 6 to mile 9 is the zone to watch out for. Clinging on for what must have been 7 miles was an act of mental agility, at one point I swear I heard the voice of coach Shane Roach shouting “good work, pick it up”.

Despite a couple of hills it’s a nice course with a surprising amount of support. Loads of lovely countryside and at least three water stations.

Results wise I came in 12th over all 1:21.07 (my fastest time this year), Chris townsed (172nd 1:44.00), Joanna Rich (191st 1:44.54 an amazing four minutes improvement on the most recent half marathon time), Lee woodland (249th, 1:49.02), Niki woodland (839th, 3:04.49).

Thanks also to new member Michelle for taking photos, carrying stuff and clapping loudly!

Quote of the day for me was from Chris on the drive home, “My legs have been stolen”. I think we’ve all been there.

Tewkesbury 2019
Tewkesbury 2019
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