We meet at 6.50pm (for a 7.00pm start) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Kings Fitness and Leisure Centre in Cheddar. All abilities are welcome to join us, you won’t be left behind.

During the winter we meet inside the leisure centre next to the swimming pool in the same room as the cafe.

During the summer on Tuesdays we meet on the playing field behind the leisure centre.  On Thursdays we meet outside the leisure centre just in front of the main entrance

We run two training schedules during the year – summer training and winter training.

Summer Training

Tuesday Evenings:

Speedwork sessions are held at the athletics track on the Kings of Wessex School playing fields, behind the leisure centre. Different sessions are held every week by some on the club’s members. These sessions aim to improve your speed and fitness and takes into account the different abilities within the club. These sessions will make you work hard but they’re great fun!

Thursday Evenings:

We meet outside the Kings Fitness and Leisure Centre to enjoy off road routes around Cheddar and in the Mendips hills. Members group according to their abilities and no-one gets left behind.

During the summer months children over the age of 8 may attend track sessions if under the instructions of their parents or an appointed adult.

Winter Training

During the winter season we run along the well lit streets of Cheddar. We have a variety of sessions to keep members engaged during the winter months.

The Tuesday sessions are varied every week to include hill reps, timed 5k runs, fartlek sessions and timed one mile efforts. The Thursday sessions are various on-road runs around Cheddar.

For safety reasons we do not allow runners younger than 13 years old to run with the club during winter months.

Tuesday Sessions 1st Tuesday of the month “Hill Reps”

After meeting at Kings Fitness and Leisure Centre we head to warrens hill in cheddar.

Hill reps up and down Warrens Hill. This will improve your ability to run both uphill and on the flat. The route there and back is used as a warm up and cool down.

2nd Tuesday of the month “Timed 5K”

After meeting at Kings Fitness and Leisure Centre we head to the Cheddar side of the reservoir. There is a marked 5km route which consists of 2 laps of the tarmac side of the reservoir (past the sailing club). You will need to bring a head torch or the club has a few you can borrow.

The aim is to try and improve your 5K time each month.

3rd Tuesday of the month “Fartlek”

We meet at Kings Fitness and Leisure Centre as usual and then begin a random route around the more well lit streets of Cheddar.

We group according to abilities and a group leader instructs us when to sprint and jog etc. This session will keep you on your toes!

4th Tuesday of the month

After meeting at Kings Fitness and Leisure Centre we head over to the Cheddar industrial estate (behind the leisure centre) where we run 1 mile efforts. The aim is to try and maintain a consistent pace for each mile effort. This session also enables you to track your one mile pace and progress throughout the season.

5th Tuesday of the month

If applicable, one of the above.

Thursday Sessions

1st and 2nd Thursday of the month

We group into running abilities and run around the streets of Cheddar.

Typical routes that we run

Short loop (0.74 miles) Route

Medium loop (1.48 miles) Route

Long loop (2.16 miles) Route

3rd Thursday of the month

Some members race the 5 mile Weston Super Mare promenade run and car sharing may be arranged or else meet there.

4th Thursday of the month

Equipped with a head torch, we run an off-road route. Members can choose not to run the off-road route and run an on-road route around Cheddar instead.

5th Thursday of the month

If applicable, one of the above.

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